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All of these poems were inspired by two women that do nothing more then steal my designs and poorly copy them. They run three websites with the same stuff on all three. You know who they are, when you do a search for penis plugs on google, you will see them just under me in the sponsored links. Just another way to deceive? Are they still using the inferior 303 and 18-8 bolt grade stainless and making claims that they use Surgical Stainless? Im sure they will run and change their name again like they have done time and time again to hide the truth of what they sell. Are they still trying to wreck the people that create quality art with their poorly copied knock offs? Still holding hands with inferior metal in what they do? Who knows!?!? To the wife team that has inspired me to push my art further, EAT A DICK!!!!!

Enjoy the read. And the creations that came forth.


All the info thats given here Was put here from those who ask.
You will put on your gloves and change your name, with deception you wear a mask.

So call your lawyer, try and sue.
I can prove your full of shit.

I have been documenting you for over two years,
and sealing it with my spit.

What you do and the material you use, is wrecking everything.
A burning sensation with swollen balls, with an infection that really stings.

You send us men to the doctor,
so we can turn our heads and cough.

Im tired of people coming to me with the shit you do,
You really need to just FUCK OFF.


Oh my gosh! Youre still here?
Were my words too big? Didnt I speak clear?

From deep down inside me.
Those words that you provoke.

This game is for serious players.
What I say is no joke.

This poem is dedicated to all those people,
who forgot about common sense.

Stop and think! Find another way in.
Like the walk gate instead of the razor fence.

To sum up this story.
If you cant see your reflection, is one of the things I plea.

To get an infection from unfinished creations.
Is nothing you can blame on me.

Enjoy all of lifes pleasures,
I bid you goodnight.

To play safe, to be well Is the basis for my fight.


In the Garden of Eden,
There was just one tree.

Filled with the fruit of passion,
Not to be touched for the visions he shall see.

As he stood in amazement,
The abundance of fruit galore.

A serpent appeared,
Just take one bite and this life shall be never more.

I can show you things that you could never dream up.
He plugged up both ears, told the serpent to shut up.

The serpent was too powerful,
told him its a must.

So he bit into the fruit,
as his body filled with lust.

The serpent now controls his visions,
pleasure and his fear.

Hes now imbedded inside his penis,
so always to be near.
Never a promise of granduer,
A false hope for you to hold dear.

Use common sense or get yourself burnt,
Left standing shedding tears.

I do not push pride,
I take pride in what I do.

As it is shown in my handcraftsmanship
and passed along to you.

At the end of the rainbow isnt a pot of gold.
Its an infection called Epididymitis all covered in mold.

So use common sense and examine our tools.
If ruff looking like corncobs, dont be a fool.

So do a little research and take a little time.
Or buy from men hatters, a infection, a self inflicted crime.

I create all my pieces from the dark corners in my mind.
With incredible detail that no where else you shall find.

There are great builders out there,
and ones that chase bucks.

This play is for men,
not women that work on luck.

Thirteen years with this pleasure
and holding no shame.

I laugh at the people
for the beast they can not tame.

I love all your letters
that try and spread fear.

Thanks for the paper
to clean up my rear.

God bless America,
where all can be sold.

A salute to the flag
as I stand here so bold.

A vision a pleasure,
to some up my rhyme.

Put forth from hands to steel,
from a dark demented mind.

Key to Pleasure

I crept around in the depths of hell.
Too many a familiar face.

With head held high Not fearing nothing
Like god has filled me with grace.

I have been here before I come here quite often
I know this place very well.

I have come for the beast with two horns up on him
And one God-awful smell.

I came to his chamber and glared at the beast
As he sat on top of his throne.

He looked back at me,
I felt all of his evil Like being crushed from a gigantic stone.

As I stood there before him,
He welcomed me back.

For over my shoulder A soul filled sack.

Ive come here to barter
For in this sack you shall see.

I will give to you all of its contents
In exchange for just one key.

He lifted his hand and bit off a finger
And spit it to the floor.

There is your key, go on with your venture
Good luck in finding your door.


The battle raged on As I lifted my mace.
In a swift downward motion I stopped at your face.

Forced to glare at your reflection In what a tool is supposed to be.
A perfect mirror finish No infectious scratches for you to see.

Wars are waged on economics Step up to the plate.
Take a taste of safety Or starvation shall be your fate.

My rants are pretty simple With all of you I plead.
Choose your tools wisely Use common sense And pleasure you shall succeed.

Poor quality in tools is the web that they weave,
Out to cause infection is my pet peeve.

I take no glory in slapping a girl,
Its those infectious creations that make me hurl.

Ive fought off the doctors and lawyers and such,
To pave the way for quality, not greed with out nuts.

Im just here to protect us, let that be understood,
So start creating quality so I can praise you with good.


I wish I could swear and use profanity.
It would be easier to describe This deep seeded insanity.

When I create I unplug from what is real.
A demented vision of pleasure Put forth from hands to steel.

I laugh out loud My shoulders I shrug.
So here today I present a creation That fits ever so snug.